Friday, May 28, 2010

Penny Auction Traffic and Performance

Customers often ask from us: how many simultaneous bidders your software can manage, how big traffic endure my website?

We understand, how important this question is for penny auction site owners, but there is no direct answer. Very much depends on your server and server software configuration.
Obviously, if you take two times more powerful server, then the software will run faster. However, the more productive is the software, the lower are the subsequent costs, because, as a rule, you have to pay for the software once and for the hosting server all the time.

Productivity of your auction can be found even before its launch. There are many opportunities to learn reaction/download time of your website into the user's browser. We use the Firebug extension for Mozilla browser Firefox.
You can install this extension in your web browser from here - and to check the download time of the pages (in milliseconds) of the popular penny auctions, such as: - about 75 ms, - about 110 ms, - about 225 ms, - about 230 ms.

Have interesting research!

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