Friday, September 9, 2011

Penny Auction profit

Our customers often ask us: "Can a penny auction business be profitable?"

From our experience we can give an answer: Yes, it can be.

We have seen the following cases.
The iPad went for $202.15. As each bid increments the price by $0.01 it means that Bouncybids got 20,215 bids and earned $12,129 (one bid costs $0.60):

As the retail price of this iPad is about $1,200 the profit is 12,129 – 1,200 = $10,929 USD or 910% !

The Amazon Electronic gift card of $250 value. It was won for $23.32, which means that 2,332 bids were made. 2,332 bids * $0.60 = $1,399 income. $1,399 – $250 = $1,149 profit or 460% !

So, these are good results. And it is a true proof, that when running penny auction business goes step by step and is accompanied by well-organised marketing strategy, it can be profitable and succesful.

Good luck with your penny auction business!


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    The Online Penny Auction is done in the internet wherein the participants or so-called "bidders" pay a non-refundable fee to acquire a certain product that is being auctioned.

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