Friday, January 13, 2012

Q and A about penny auction software

Q. I need penny auction software for selling my specific products

A. Truly speaking, there’s a difference between regular e-commerce and penny auctions.

What we offer is a platform for entertainment auctions, and like any form of entertainment it’s profitable only when there’s a crowd involved. Your products can be one of a kind unique items, but they will bring you money only if you have plenty of visitors.

So the broader the product niche the more bidders you can attract and the more income you can generate.

Q.One thing I would like to ask is what modules do you recommend for start?

A. Excellent question. There are a lot of feurures to choose from, both adding completely new features and extending default ones, the desire to achieve total control can be tempting but it’s important never to loose focus.

We divided our penny auction software modules into five different groups to make it easier for our customers to workout a development strategy plan for their auction.

Don't focus on just one aspect of your auction features, choose a balanced mix between: usability, marketing, communication and administration modules depending on your business plan and customers' needs. Also after launch you can introduce fresh features as newly added to promote your website and let people know that your working hard to provide them with the best experience.

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