Friday, February 17, 2012

Penny stories #2: New Ford for a rare penny

Here’s a story for you.
In the 1940’s a rumor captured the hearts and minds of thousands of Americans across all states, spreading rapidly like a wild forest fire. Imagine you could get a brand new Ford car for just a penny! But not just any penny - it had to be a 1943 copper penny.

What was so special about it?
During the war there were a lot of emergency cutbacks across almost all sectors. One of the emergency measures demanded that all 1943 US pennies were made out of steel instead of copper, but before the bill was implemented a small amount of 1943 copper pennies where stuck and somehow entered circulation.

Wanderlust of the idea of getting a car for just a penny moved a lot of people. Some tried to hunt down the original copper cents, some tried to counterfeit fake ones.
But rumors are rumors, I’d like to think there a happy end in this story. I wonder if a penny auction will ever start such a powerful story, a deal of the 21st century.

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