Friday, March 16, 2012

Q and A on Penny Auction Software #6

Q. What can you say about a mobile version of a penny auction software?

A. There are two general options for mobile versions:

  • Website modified according to the screens with lower resolution;
  • Standalone application, installed on the mobile device.

Surely it is not a problem to offer a website fitted to small screens. If to speak about a special mobile application, then it is needed to take into consideration two factors:

a) Penny auction cannot be fully standalone software product – the auction sale takes place on the server between multiple participants;

b) At present time there are 5 widely used mobile operating systems:

  1. Apple iOS
  2. Google Android
  3. Windows Mobile / Windows Phone
  4. BlackBerry OS
  5. Nokia Symbian

The application for any of these OS should be programmed using more or less different technologies.

So, the mobile version is a specific problem, that can be solved, surely, but not by very simple methods.

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