Friday, November 16, 2012

How To Launch A Successful Penny Auction Website

Popular website (Google page rank 6, Alexa rank 5179) published our colleague Steven's article about how to launch a successful penny auction.

Steven has deeply analyzed the reasons why some of our customers launch their penny auctions very successfully, whereas some others close their doors quickly.

He has brought the following 10 important factors:

  1. Be prepared
  2. Choose reliable software provider
  3. Ship prizes and products fast
  4. Think about international customers
  5. Do not implement too much limitations
  6. Have clear Terms and Conditions
  7. Be honest - don't bid by yourself
  8. Market your website
  9. Keep customers' privacy
  10. Don't be anonymous and communicate with your clients.
Full article can be accessed here: 


  1. You definitely have to be careful who you use as far as penny auctions. Some are really good and some are really crappy, you just have to take recommendations from people who have used them before.

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