Friday, February 22, 2013


We continue our discussion about the factors that cast a shadow over penny auction industry.

PART II. How crashing software may crash the dreams

Young penny auction business may fail not only because of the fraudulent owners.  Let´s imagine you are going to open your penny auction website soon and being an honest person, you have only good intentions to do a fair business. You come to the case thoroughly – you carefully study the experience of other penny auctions, plan the concept of your own and determine the budget. The most significant part goes to promotions, as you don´t have traffic and you understand how important it is to attract as many visitors as possible.

And then you buy the software. There are many penny auction software offers with several price ranges, the fee starts approximately from $100.  But you decide to stay at a reasonable sum of $1000. Everything seems to be OK while you test the system alone or together with your partner. You successfully launch and receive several hundreds of registered customers, who purchase their first bid packs.

But then everything goes wrong - the system suddenly crashes under the high load to the server. Your provider ignores all your emails and the phone line appears to be not working. And it means that you lose not only the money what you have invested into the software, but also money spent on promotions and initial operations.

And now the real disappointment comes – the money is gone and the customer service line is being torn apart from the calls - you have to calm down all raging clients. Their feelings are understandable - they just spent their money and immediately lost it. Hardly will they trust you again. Beautiful start is hopelessly flawed, and your nice penny auction turns into a headache both for you and your customers.

What is your reaction? Of course, you will get angry. And due to fact that there are many fake penny auction software providers on the market, this scenario is, unfortunately, not rare. As it is difficult for the buyer to distinguish qualified software from its poor imitation, incompetent providers offer inoperative product that works only as a demo – with 1-5 simultaneous visitors. There are many fantastic packages being offered, with tens of additional options, free support, hosting and even traffic, just for several hundreds of dollars. Versed customer understands that it is nothing more than just a marketing trick.

Beware of such offers. Penny auction software is a complex real-time application that loads the server much more than any other e-commerce software. The only way to protect yourself is to choose penny auction software very carefully. You may read how to choose penny auction provider here: In order not to be disappointed, be wise and invest in the software that will return your money fast and will help you to earn more.

Part 3 of this article will be published in our next post. Welcome back.

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