Thursday, July 11, 2013

Q and A on Penny Auction Software #35

Q. Looking at the List of Functions of your penny auction software, we are a bit confused on how the very detailed Features do (or do not) integrate with the idea of having a fully “autonomous” design, locally managed?
As an example, we might want to have some anchored or floating tabs or widgets, several rolling banners, etc… How is that compatible with the “Rolling Banner” and other options  which in my understanding are more related to the Design than to the backend of the website?

A. Generally speaking, our software is designed by the way, where visual design is separated from functionality.
Despite of this, as you have chosen the option, where design files come from your side, the design should be prepared according to chosen functionality. For example, if "News section" is chosen, such section should be drawn at the homepage.

Please find our requirements to the design from the customer in Technical Specification, section 1.3.

If to speak about additions, named by you below, then in general your website may not have additions, what our software does not support. In real life this depends on how professional will be your webmaster - professional webmaster (HTML/CSS/Javascript programmer) can do anything with the website.

We would like to add, that our design requirements can fulfill only professional web-design agency, not just freelancer. So you may consider also other two design options - Softmedia standard template, or custom design from Softmedia.

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